Body Work

Body work, Auto collision, Panel replacement

During a collision, the damage is almost never “localized”. In fact, damage to the frame and body starts at the point of impact and moves through the frame of your car like a ripple effect. A vehicle that to the naked eye appears to be repaired fully can still have a significantly compromised frame structure that can endanger vehicle occupants in future accidents. Some types of vehicle frame damage can also contribute to recurring vehicle maintenance issues, such as premature tire wear, suspension, wheel alignment, steering problems, and improper air bag deployment.


Straightline Collision Center uses state of the art computerized laser measuring technology framing systems that allow us to properly diagnose and make precise structural repairs. Measure your vehicle’s frame down to the last millimeter. Compare those exact measurements to the correct measurements for that specific vehicle make and model. It is equipment like this measuring system that ensures your vehicle is as structurally sound as it was when it was before your accident.